it's rachel zoe, hoe.

Rachel Zoe
Remember the days of ParisandNicole (pronounced as one word)? Well, almost everyone forgets about Rachel Zoe fitting somewhere in the equation. As we know, the fate of ParisandNicole was doomed and eventually turned into just Nicole Richie. I mean, who's Paris? *Coco really owes RZ a lot for sticking to her side.So my question is...WHY DID YOU FIRE HER?!? As much as I love Coco, she definitely should've thought it out. Rachel Zoe has moved on from the silly fued and made herself the empress of a fashion empire. Yes, her voice and her antics are annoying, but her collection is, well, let's just say...I DIE!
* note: in my mind, Nicole and I are BFFs and i like to call her Coco.