bundle up

bundle up

Being that I live in Salt Freaking Lake City, Utah, the weather is a little too harsh to even think about being fashionable. Bundling up is one of the most difficult tasks for me, especially because I would prefer not to cover up my cute outfit. Honestly, I opt to skip out on the cute outfit part and choose to be embraced by warmth. I definitely know that everyone is shaking their head, but it's just too cold! Anyways, I found these adorable sweaters and now my heart is telling me to load up on a few. Thank god for the invention of chunky sweaters! Let's all do him a favor and put those Turtlenecks to rest in peace...not that I've ever owned one...
When you're shopping for sweaters, be on the hunt for ones with interesting fits, patterns/prints, and colors.Bright colored sweaters are a great way to add some energy to a dull, boring winter, and ladies and gentlemen, it looks like color blocking is here to stay! It's been all over the runways for the last couple of seasons, including most recently in Marc Jacobs' Spring 2011 show. And who could go wrong with a Fair Isle print? Time to go bundle up!

it's rachel zoe, hoe.

Rachel Zoe
Remember the days of ParisandNicole (pronounced as one word)? Well, almost everyone forgets about Rachel Zoe fitting somewhere in the equation. As we know, the fate of ParisandNicole was doomed and eventually turned into just Nicole Richie. I mean, who's Paris? *Coco really owes RZ a lot for sticking to her side.So my question is...WHY DID YOU FIRE HER?!? As much as I love Coco, she definitely should've thought it out. Rachel Zoe has moved on from the silly fued and made herself the empress of a fashion empire. Yes, her voice and her antics are annoying, but her collection is, well, let's just say...I DIE!
* note: in my mind, Nicole and I are BFFs and i like to call her Coco. 

now that I'm free...

I'm back! Updates coming soon...I have an upcoming holiday tea party planned, so I'm excited to let everyone know how it goes.


hitchhiking to albaquerque

hitchhiking to albaquerque

So...I went to Albaquerque, and it's definitely too hot to be wearing an outfit like this. Oh well. Fashion isn't supposed to be comfortable. 

in bloom

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