Window Shopping for Dummies

First off, it's ok to play dress up no matter your age, and I'm not just saying that as a defense mechanism for my actions. There. Now that I've set things clear, I'll move on.
When you walk into a mall, you walk in with a decent amount of cash on hand or a loaded piece of plastic. Lauren and I, on the other hand, walked in with nothing but leftover change- a penny or two here or there. And, this wasn't just any mall, it was the Fashion Show Mall. Louis Vuitton, Betsey Johnson, BCBG, Saks- it's all there. It's a pretty big deal. But what's an even bigger deal is the fact that Lauren and I are the definition of SHOPAHOLICS. Never would we step foot into what we call our Heaven without expecting to come out with stuffed up bags and flying receipts. It was all Lauren who had the Idea to go into Neiman Marcus and show me this "AMAZING" dress that she had been dreaming/talking about for the past couple of days. So, we go in, look around, touch things, and lust for everything on the second floor. Of course when you go into a store like NM, you gotta walk the walk and act like you own the place. That is exactly what we did as we made our way to evening gown area. So many stunning pieces that were totally not there when we went prom dress shopping with J and K!! So not fair! Then, we both spot "The Dress." So delicate and ethereal with it's pleated chiffon details and flowing, feathering skirt. There goes Tadashi Shoji: once again impressing the eyes of two clothing-hungry girls. She grabbed the stunner, looked at me, and said "Let's go try it." Just my luck, there was none in my size, so I grabbed the next best thing: an ABS by Allen Schwartz. Bejeweled with tiered tulle- dramatic but approachable in every essence, just the way I like it. We went into the biggest dressing room we could find. Not only did we slip the dresses on, but that feeling of feeling like a million bucks. I was of course compelled to try on the Tadashi, so I did just that. I didn't care if it didn't fit me, I just wanted to be embraced by it. That day, it wasn't about the $800 plus tax price tag on the dress, but the fact that two little girls were just waiting to come out and try on mommy's dresses and heels again. It was about feeling like a movie star walking down the red carpet, but looking in the mirror and realizing that it was reality that you were in this paparazzi-attracting gown. So next time you have nothing else to do, don't be afraid to walk into Saks and try on that Badgley Mischka you spotted in the window. It's like Fantasy Football, but for girls.